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Online Safety

We’re all spending more time online, in fact the time spent watching TV has actually reduced in favour of online media.

Talking about online safety a little, but often, works best.
(Ofcom’s research into media use)


CEOP is a law enforcement agency and is here to keep children and young people safe.

If someone online has acted inappropriately towards you, your child or young person you know, please use the CEOP button to report it.

CEOP Report Button

Checking apps, games and websites

We know as a grown-up, it’s sometimes difficult to know if media is appropriate for children.

Common Sense Media lets you search for movies, apps, games and websites and see their official age rating as well a recommended age from other parents.

NSPCC Net Aware, is a similar service. Helping you find ratings and information on games, online apps and more.

Parent Info has lots of advice for keeping your child safe online.

Safer Internet Centre has a hotline and advice for parents and videos for children to watch. 


Accidents can happen and sometimes inappropriate content is available in places you wouldn’t expect. We recommend setting parental restrictions and content filtering (available from most internet service providers).

No restrictions are completely infallible. It’s ok for children to make mistakes, it’s important that they get help from an adult.

Online Games and Consoles

Online games and consoles can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure your child is staying safe and being smart online.

Below are some handy parental guides on how you can help your child stay safe:


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo 3DS

Xbox 360

Xbox One


Help and advice

If you have an urgent issue, something online was really not acceptable then please use the CEOP button above to report it directly to the police.

If you’ve got questions or not sure how you can help your child, please pop in for a chat. Our family support and safeguarding team will help you get the information you need.